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Increasing Tax Revenue

Increasing Tax Revenue For the past 20 years, SCOPE has fought for new job creation models in Los Angeles. But there’s now a critical need to require everyone to pay their fair share of taxes so that those programs can become a reality, and government can do its job. This includes ensuring public safety, providing

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Green Retrofit

Green Retrofit Since it was first built in 1926, the Los Angeles Central Public Library has posed challenges for the city. The massive expanse of concrete and steel didn’t include routine safety features such as proper heat and smoke ventilation. Nor was it designed to endure long-term environmental effects. But for the LA Apollo Alliance,

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RePower LA

RePower LA Three years ago, the city vowed to end its dependency on coal —a major air and water pollutant that results in severe asthma and even cancer—but cleaner energy sources are expensive to sustain. SCOPE and long-time ally LAANE, saw the potential for a three-fold solution: By harnessing the energy of environmental groups, organized

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