Training Associate

The role of the Training Associate is to facilitate capacity-building, strategy development, and technical assistance for
external social and economic justice organizations, as part of SCOPE’s commitment to movement-building beyond
our own organization. Additionally, the role is to support ongoing internal political education for SCOPE members and
staff. The Training Associate will coordinate, (co-)facilitate, and evaluate training and technical assistance to an
emerging local, regional, and national client base. SCOPE’s training clients have traditionally included: social justice
organizations and coalitions; labor unions; service-providers; foundations; and networks. The Training Associate will
provide direct training services to a range of participants including organizational staff, grassroots/rank-and-file
members, academics, and executive teams. SCOPE’s training modules include, but are not limited to, Power
Analysis, Social Change Spectrum, Community Organizing, Campaign Strategy Development, and Integrated Voter
Engagement. The Training Associate reports directly to the Co-Executive Director and collaborates with all directors
and staff to seamlessly integrate training with SCOPE’s overall work.

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