The driving force behind SCOPE’s historic campaigns to bring economic justice to South LA has been identifying systemic solutions that address poverty and inequality. Our proactive agendas for change start with the premise that the people of South LA have the solutions to the issues and conditions they face. We support those ideas with the right research, which fuels a firm understanding of the political landscape, as well as strong outreach, so that we can form key partnerships with people and other organizations who share our vision for change. That’s what we call building community power.

SCOPE launched more than 20 years ago with a public safety project that transformed vacant lots into sit-down family restaurants, quality supermarkets, and public parks—solutions voiced by community residents, not city officials. We also helped California realize a groundbreaking workforce policy that allotted federal funding toward successful career counseling and job training programs. Since then we’ve focused on policy campaigns that put pressure on specific sectors—such as Hollywood, healthcare, and the energy industry—to create good, safe jobs as well as long-term stability and opportunities for growth in low-income communities of color. Today, we aim to tackle the root causes of South LA’s endemic problems: a lack of much-needed revenue for vital public services, jobs, and programs to improve environmental and public health.

Climate Jobs & The New Economy

For more than 10 years SCOPE has worked with community based organizations, labor unions, and environmental groups to ensure that low-income communities of color are at the forefront of the green jobs sector. From creating an ordinance to retrofit the city's aging infrastructure that employed South LA workers with the LA Apollo Alliance to working with Repower LA to support the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and IBEW Local 18’s entry-level Utility Pre-Craft Trainee program, SCOPE has a history of winning career pipelines for low-income communities that make public buildings, homes and businesses more energy and water efficient.

Civic Engagement

For more than 20 years, SCOPE has fought for new job creation models in Los Angeles. However, there’s a critical need for everyone to pay their fair share of taxes so that those programs can become a reality, and government can do its job to meet our community’s needs. Providing quality education, public transportation and mobility options, building parks and libraries, protecting the environment, creating jobs that pay a living wage, and offering affordable housing are just some of the investments our communities need.

Health & Wellness at SCOPE

Access to affordable health care is a right everyone should have, but many don't. Chronic health illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, and obesity impact South Los Angeles residents at higher rates than anywhere else in the city. High unemployment, lack of access to healthy foods, and financial instability directly affect the health of families and individuals. Working with the community clinic UMMA, we are able to provide both SCOPE and community members with free and confidential health services.