STAND LA Coalition with Councilman Herb Wesson at City Hall.

Often located dangerously close to schools and homes, active oil wells dot the landscape of South L.A. Community members that live near these sites suffer from nosebleeds, headaches and nausea, among other symptoms. These oil wells, which are often located closer to low-income, communities of color in Los Angeles, reflect a sector of our economy that has developed at the expense of the health of South L.A. residents. Residents deserve stronger environmental and land use regulations coupled with the adequate resources to address years of pollution and disinvestment in oil drilling communities.

As a member of the Stand Together Against Neighborhood Drilling (STAND) LA Coalition, SCOPE is working with Los Angeles-based environmental justice organizations to end neighborhood drilling and protect the health and safety of Angelenos on the front-lines of urban oil extraction. In calling for an end to oil drilling, we can begin to address South L.A.’s history of environmental injustice and develop community-led alternatives that support a healthy, sustainable economy.