This research brief is the first in a series of three that will explore the demographic and electoral landscape of South Los Angeles in the context of changing economic and political conditions. These conditions include growing displacement pressures, ongoing demographic shifts and changes in city, state, and federal voting policies, all of which have implications for future elections, the 2020 redistricting process and long-term multiracial coalition building.

In this initial brief, we will provide a review of the current economic and demographic conditions in South LA and discuss how regional economic changes such as the Great Recession and the housing crisis have impacted South LA residents. This brief does not seek to hypothesize the impact of economic downturns on voter participation; rather, it explores the impact of the Great Recession and a long history of disinvestment on the drivers of displacement in South Los Angeles, asking how the demographics of the electorate have changed alongside these processes. In the second brief, we will build upon the analysis laid out here to discuss implications for South LA voter participation and representation.

You can download the report here.