Community Meeting with Marqueece Harris-Dawson

MHD Meeting-8

8th District Council Member Marqueece Harris-Dawson visited the SCOPE offices to meet with community members and share his plans for the neighborhood. Residents touched on issues of empty lots, blight, violence, and housing. The councilman shared many of the concerns brought up during the meeting and is actively working on changing things for the better, acknowledging that it will not happen over night. He encouraged residents to make their concerns known to the city, using the 311 service to report pot holes, trash pick, the cleaning of alleys etc. Since being in office, they have been able to clean up numerous alleys in South Los Angeles because residents were reporting them via 311. We look forward with working with the councilman’s office. If you would like to contact the councilman, you can visit his Constituent Service Center, located on 8475 S. Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90044 Phone: (213) 485-7616.