Anita Thomas

Anita Thomas

SCOPE Member and Home Energy Improvement                Program beneficiary Anita Thomas.

Her home is more than 30 years old, so for SCOPE member and South Los Angeles resident Anita Thomas, finding cost effective solutions to maintain her home is a constant struggle. That’s why when she first learned about the free Home Energy Improvement Program from the Department of Water and Power; she didn’t think twice about taking advantage of it and signing up. For Thomas, the biggest issue in her aging home was her run-down heating system.

The process was as simple enough: Thomas scheduled an appointment over the phone with LADWP technicians after learning about the HEIP program and within a few weeks she had her home evaluated. No two homes are the same, so DWP technicians identified multiple areas in her home that could become energy efficient.

From light bulbs around her house to old showerheads, technicians combed Thomas’ entire home to replace and install cost-effective, energy efficient upgrades and repairs where possible. Then there was the issue of the decades old heating system. Much to her delight, LADWP technicians were not only able to make some basic repairs here and there, but they also installed two new energy efficient heaters in her home.

What would have cost Thomas a few thousand dollars to do herself, LADWP was able to do for free. The repairs and upgrades made to her two-story home have already saved her money on both her monthly and yearly energy cost. Since the improvements have been made in her home, Thomas has been sharing with family, friends, and neighbors about the HEIP program. She also explained that she wants to help seniors get these kinds of services in their homes.

She knows most seniors live on a fixed income and that LADWP offers low-income and senior citizen programs for qualifying LADWP customers. Times are tough all around for everyone these days, so if Thomas can help others be more energy efficient and save money in the process, she’s committed to doing her part in getting more SCOPE and community members to be part of the HEIP.