Training and Capacity Building

One organization can't make big changes alone. It takes a movement.

Enacting systemic change takes more than any one organization – it takes a movement. This means that even while individual organizations work with their particular constituents towards unique missions and goals, a concerted effort must be made across organizations to shape and advance a broader, common agenda. This is the work of movement building.

Foundational to SCOPE’s work in, for, and with South LA is the belief that change happens when organizations are driven by a spirit of collaboration, sharing and co-creating analyses, visions, strategies, tactics. That’s why SCOPE facilitates trainings on the frameworks, tools, and skills we’ve found to be helpful to organizing and creating grassroots power. All this to cultivate the collective capacity of progressive organizations as we continue to together build a social justice movement.


Organizing that builds a committed, politically conscious grassroots base is both an art and a science. The Community Organizing Training Series highlights the model practices and key skills carefully honed by SCOPE organizers, from writing effective outreach scripts to conducting both qualitative and quantitative evaluations.

• Introduction to Community Organizing - 3-hour session
• Effective Outreach Strategies & Tactics - 3-hour session
• Leadership Development - 2-hour session

Power Analysis

The Power Analysis Tool is a visual and interactive tool that is used to map and understand power relationships in the communities where we live or places where we work. Who has power? How and for what do they use it? What do unequal power relationships have to do with the problems we face? By investigating these issues through the Power Analysis Tool, organizations can further develop strategies and tactics for winning campaigns and building long-term grassroots power.

• Introduction to Power Analysis Half-day - 3-hour session
• Introduction to Power Analysis Full-day - 6-hour session
• Developing a Power Analysis - 1-2 month process ending with a full-day strategy session

Voter Engagement for Non-profit Organizations

How can voter engagement and community organizing work together to build grassroots power both at and beyond the ballot box? In this training series, participants will learn the nuts and bolts of how SCOPE runs voter engagement campaigns that are strategic, targeted, and integrated with base building.

• Introduction to Integrated Voter Engagement - 3-hour session
• Building Power through Voter Engagement - 2.5 days

Work and Time Management - 3-hour session

With the many moving parts that come with campaigns, it’s all the more important for organizations to have effective planning and time management systems and practices. This training introduces how tools such as the 80/20 rule and time management matrix can be used strategically to prioritize tasks, stay on track, and meet objectives.

Communities Creating Healthy Environments

SCOPE provides support and technical assistance to CCHE, a nationwide network supporting community-based organizations and tribal groups working for equitable, healthy schools.

Los Angeles Coalition Against Wage Theft

SCOPE supports the coalition as a steering committee member and through campaign strategy technical assistance. As we continue to wage campaigns to increase public investment in jobs for low-income communities in Los Angeles, we believe that it is important to ensure that basic workers’ rights are protected and that labor laws are enforced. We are proud to support the amazing organizations who work tirelessly to protect workers in Los Angeles.