Job Description Overview: Director of Organizing

The role of the Director of Organizing is to direct, develop and manage SCOPE’s organizing and campaign goals, activities and outcomes.  The Director is responsible for hiring and training organizing and campaign staff, directing organizing plans to recruit a powerful, active and politically conscious base, and developing a sustained and democratic organization among the multiple leadership and membership bodies of SCOPE. Alongside other SCOPE directors and senior staff, the Director also provides strategic direction to SCOPE’s issue campaigns. Additionally, the Organizing Director is a part of SCOPE’s Executive Management Team.

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Job Description Overview: Community Organizer

The role of the Community Organizer is to recruit and sustain new members and leaders in SCOPE’s grassroots neighborhood organization.  Organizers work closely with SCOPE’s leaders and members to develop their skills, political consciousness and increase their involvement. Additionally, organizers play a key role in planning and implementing campaign activities to exercise grassroots power, and developing a sustained and democratic organization.

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Job Description Overview: Strategic Communications Associate

The Role of the Strategic Communications Associate will be to work with SCOPE’s Research & Communications Director to develop, implement, and track a comprehensive communications plan and calendar for SCOPE’s strategic campaigns. They will also be responsible for creating a communications strategy for our current campaigns and organizing efforts while also identifying key media opportunities to promote and advance our messages.

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To apply send a cover letter and resume to “SCOPE/HR” via email, mail or fax: | 1715 W. Florence Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90047 | fax (323) 789-7939